Region IV Bil/ESL Conference 9/22

Did you make it to the Region IV Bilingual/ESL Conference?  Were you in my sessions??  Either way, here are some great resources we covered in the sessions.

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Kahoot! (for Teacher to create Kahoots)

Kahoot Planning Pages (dropbox)

Other Kahoot Plannning and PD resources

4th period Selfie Kahoot Fall 2016

6th period Selfie Kahoot Fall 2016

2015-2016 Dierschke/Salva Refugee Class Selfie Kahoot 

ELPS in ACTION Session @ 2:00pm

Play with your team:  Carol’s Kahoot on how we aquire a second language

  1. According to Marzano, __________________ can lead to a 19 point percentile gain in achievement.
  2. There are ___________ language domains.
  3. The productive domains are ___________________________.
  4. For the biggest impact, the language load should be on the __________________.

Gerson Video 7 Months in US Schools


We Are Just Like Gerson

    People can learn English very

quickly.  We saw a video of

a boy in Spring Woods High School

named Gerson. He learned SO MUCH

English in 7 months.  He did it with

Duolingo and reading and practicing 

every day.  So we are very much like

Gerson.  He is practicing for his future.

He believes the task of learning English

is important.  So do we!

Nabil Learns to Read Video

Five months later: Refugee Essays and Nabil’s Reading Update


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