BA Podcast 002 – EmpoweringELLs with Tan Huynh

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Boosting Achievement, ESL Podcast!  This week, it is my honor to host my first guest, Tan Huynh. You can listen to the show right here: BA Podcast 002

Tan Huynh’s resource center is amazing! Check it out here:

You’ll be blown away by his articles. He not only shares great ideas about teaching ELLs, he shares his experiences with students and his infographics model how we should all be teaching. 

In the podcast, Tan and I battle who is interviewing whom! But we love it because you get a peek into how people on opposite sides of the globe can collaborate to produce a book, a virtual conference or a podcast like this.  Tan is teaching EAL (English as an additional language) in Laos. 

Some of the links we mention are below:

“Twitter is a river of ideas.” – Derek Rhodenizer

Using Tech with ELLs training contact Kathy Ballenger of Seidlitz Education

Tan brings up “Roving Paragraph Frames” (great post here on it here by Kirsten Foti)

We talk about how the Roving Paragraph Frames strategy…

  • scaffolds with frames
  • supports writing in all content areas
  • honors the ELL & their voice
  • allows them to use social & academic language
  • Supports all language levels and everyone is writing & reflecting

Maybe use this strategy after teaching with Kahoot! Here is a Blind Kahoot on Mitosis  by Stephanie Castle. That Kahoot is a great example of how to teach with Kahoot vs. just reviewing with it!  More on Kahoot for ESL here. 

We mention Alan November  Stephen Krashen & Larry Ferlazzo


#ELs_CAN (Thanks, Carlota Holder for the great hashtag!)

5 Keys for Using Tech with ELLs:

We give a shout out for the online book study group:  #ELLchat_BkClub (founded by Tan & Dr. Katie Toppel)

ELL Frontiers is a great book on Tech for ELLs

No More Low Expectations By Julie NoraJana Echevarria is our current #Ellchat_BkClub book.

#OnEdMentors – Teacher Mentors & Teacher Candidates Listen to VoicEdRadio every Thursday Night.

Tan & I put on an online free conference. The VirtuEL free Online Conference:

Blog Post of the Week!

For  continued learning, this week I tweeted this:

Tan also wanted you to know about another post by Jennifer:

When We All Teach Text Structures, Everyone Wins

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    • Thank you for the kind words, Dee! Tan is a wonderful guest. He is passionate about helping teachers help their English learners. You must be passionate too! 🙂

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