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Our state conference isn’t over and you can still participate! Check out the twitter chat questions at the bottom of this post and bring your voice. We need you more than ever. I was swept away by the awesomeness of the #TxTESOL2017 conference but I managed to get you some great audio.

You can listen to the show right here

This podcast has some incredible take-aways from Katie Toppel, Katie Gardner, Jenny Vo and our president, Karen Lewis.  The show is a great listen so you can get a feel of the power of people who are passionate.  Teachers, administrators, education partners and students alike!

I didn’t get reflections from enough people but that’s okay because now we have our Wrap Up #TxTESOL4 Twitter chat on Nov 14 @ 8pm. My challenge for you is this: At the bottom of this podcast post we have released the questions. Participate. Collaborate. Advocate.

Our ELLs need us!   If you didn’t attend #TxTESOL2017, your challenge is to look at the hashtag now and come ready to participate in the Wrap Up Twitter chat on Nov 14. Bring your questions based on what you’ve seen and heard.

If you DID attend, I challenge you to pick high impact pieces of learning with links to share and bring those to the chat. Our chats are at #TxTESOL4.  It’s time for us all to step up and be more intentional about how we advocate and how we share what we are learning.  We can change things. We CAN do this!

Here is a video of the conference opening. Karen Lewis, outgoing TxTESOL4 president, opened the event with an inspiring speech and you can watch that here.

#TXTESOL4 Twitter Chat on Nov 14 @ 8pm CT

Here is a head’s up on the questions:

#TxTESOL4 ChatQuestion Sneak Peek by Carol Salva

Also! This is where you can find me in the next few months:

See you at the Nov 14 chat!  If you are finding this site after Nov 14th, no worries.   There’s always great learning in our PLN.

Stay awesome, Rock Stars!!





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