Video: Non Example of Language Experience Approach + QSSSA

I put a student to sleep.  {Sigh} Now you can watch the video & we can all learn from it.

Many of my students have jobs and some have been sick lately so I assumed this was the issue.  But when I watched the film… I WAS THE ISSUE!    

No use trying to pretend I don’t have lessons that are big fails.  We want our students to embrace learning opportunities (failures) and I want that too.

So I offer this video as way to deliver language experience approach.  The pitfalls and the fix-up I did.

For the podcast version and all the show notes and links,  please see last week’s post. I added it there because all of this is tied together from the same lesson.

Stay awesome, eduheroes!

I’d love your feedback on what else I could improve or any comments on this lesson!  We are all getting so much #BetterTogether.

Virtual Hugs,



2 thoughts on “Video: Non Example of Language Experience Approach + QSSSA

  1. Hello! These videos link to private youtube links that I can’t access. I’m new to your blog so I’m not sure if there’s a secret. Thank you!

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