BAP038 VoxCast with Derek Rhodenizer. What Else Can We Build Outside the Blocks of Time?

Not enough time? Maybe you have more than you think.

Listen to the show right here and the links are below:
Listen to “BAP038 VoxCast with Derek Rhodenizer. What Else Can We Build Outside the Blocks of Time” on Spreaker.

Because we couldn’t find common podcasting time, Derek Rhodenizer and I decided to use Voxer to communicate and document a conversation that was spread over several days.  In this show, we realize that we may not have a common 1-hour block together but we could certainly find 3 minutes here and there to communicate back and forth.

This leads us to think about what else we might be able to do where we thought we could not.

This concept reminds me of Noa Daniel and her Building Outside the Blocks approach to instruction.  Her projects changed EVERYTHING for me and my students.  It was so liberating to allow them to build their projects outside the blocks of time we had in school. Noa’s projects were so engaging that they WANTED to do them.  They were not forced to do any of them.  Check her out here.

We talk about the medium we are using and how this technology might support the learning of our students.  We talk about wait time and why it helps us reflect.  So then, of course this would be good for our students.

I mention the QSSSA strategy.

Universal Design for Learning was mentioned and I admited that I needed to look that up. It took us into some reflection about what “good teaching” is.  We also reflected about our “WHY.”  I feel that mine is to empower people.  Derek feels that his why is to help kids get better.

Here is the 1 min of audio of me and Emily Francis at #WIDA2018.  It was in an awesome session by Michelle Shory.  Emily’s WHY sounds way better than mine.   :-/

I look forward to more conversations like this with Derek and with others in my PLN.  It showed me that where there is a will, there is a way!  And it inspired me to think about what else we might need to rethink!  Derek and I thought we did not… but we obviously DO have time to podcast.

Let me know what YOU think!



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