Iowa Culture & Language Conference 2018 Keynote Address

I’ll be presenting the opening keynote at the Iowa Culture and Language Conference.  #IowaCLC18

I’m happy to share the highlights with you below.

We will start with a reflection about what we believe.

Do those beliefs carry over for Under-schooled learners?  I’m privileged to know many students who come to us with limited education and I have had opportunities to reflect on what is helping them be successful in comprehensive schools.

My topic will be the Four Essential Messages that we need to send to every language learner.  I did a podcast on this a few months back that you can listen to here. 

Each of the following videos will offer an example of how we have conveyed the messages... not just told the students these messages.

First I’ll explain some of the hardships that these students have faced.  We must realize that they have so much to deal with but we can support them with lessons that heal and also have high expectations for their learning.

I’m using this one for YOU ARE IMPORTANT:

I’ll talk about One World Club and other ways we help students know that they are important.


This one will be shown for WHAT YOU ARE LEARNING IS IMPORTANT:

That video will help me demonstrate that we can make connections to grade level learning and with the background our students DO have.

The following video will be used to show YOU CAN DO IT:

This is a video where we received our Saddleback Hi-Low readers.  We do a lot of Language Experience Approach and soon they are able to also read low level books. But we need them to have high interest, readable text.

And this last one will help me demonstrate what is possible when students realize that WE WILL NOT GIVE UP ON YOU:

I’ll end my keynote by reading an excerpt from a guest post for Larry Ferlazzo by Wendhy Rodriguez who we saw in one of the above videos.


I’ll take a moment to honor the students who are working hard buy might not make graduation requirements.  Those students need even more attention from us. They need to see people like me and like Emily Francis, who may not have graduated with our peers but we did eventually find success.  They can too.  They all can.

Hope some of this is helpful to you!

Thanks to everyone here at Iowa Culture and Language Conference. Follow it at #IowaCLC18!



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