BAP039 DIY Online PD Conference

Do you love the free online VirtuEL conferences? Want to do something like that on your own?

Tan Huynh joins me this week to speak to Deborah Brey about getting her own Online conference off the ground.

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Listen to “BAP039 DIY Online Conference with Tan Huynh and Deborah Brey” on Spreaker.

Tan and I are both grateful to Deborah for joining us to talk through different ways this can be done. 

Here are links to some of the things we reference in this episode.

We mention Tan’s awesome website:

We reference #MADPD – This is the virtual UnConference that inspired our #VirtuEL online conferences.  We talk about Peter Cameron and Derek Rhodenizer who are the founders and definitely worth following! (Also, there is a special cameo by Derek Rhodenizer in this episode!)

Deb and I connected at the WIDA conference this year in Detroit.  It’s a fantastic conference for teachers of ELs to attend!
Tan references Tony Vincent alot in the show with good reason. He learned a great deal from Tony by following him and taking some of his online courses.  For example, we mention Loom for screen recording.  Tan shared that he learned that directly from Tony. Here is Valentina Gonzalez using Loom in her VirtuEL18 session:
A huge win for listeners is that Tan is sharing the slide deck he created to help us all get up on our tech skills to present in this last conference.  This will save your MONTHS of work!
Here is the link for the slide deck to support teachers who will present LIVE:
And here is Tan’s slide deck he created to support presenters who would be pre-recording their sessions:
Tan also mentions PD held by ELLSA and gives us this link for more on that:
As you listen to this show you realize that there are MANY different ways people can put on a virtual conference or use the idea to augment their current PD efforts.  Again, super grateful to Deb for helping us think through some of them.
We talked about using some of the VirtuEL videos along with a live Keynote along with other ideas that help folks take baby steps toward giving your own online conference.
We mention Twitter Chats and how Shaley Santiago is getting folks together for tweet-ups!
Slow chats like #Ellchat_BkClub and how you can borrow ideas from those.
Deb also asked about the archived #ELLChat_BkClub questions so we have a like to Katie Toppel’s blog about that here:
We can’t forget the great example by Michelle Shory & Irina McGrath gave us for extending learning with a choice board for teachers.  Here is a tweet where they offer links to that:


4 thoughts on “BAP039 DIY Online PD Conference

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and materials with those of use who are new to the field!

    • Hey Jenny!
      Your comment here means so much. I’m happy that you and I are connected on Twitter because we are all sharing and it makes us all so much better for the kids. I am grateful to you and everyone in my PLN.
      Thank you for following this blog! I’m so happy your kids have a teacher like you.

  2. I *just* discovered Loom! So much better than Screencastify as well. It’s a game changer & I wonder about ELL_Bkclub chats using this!!?? 🙂

    • Monica,
      It really IS great, right? I appreciate Tan so much for all he shares with us. You have a great question about ELLchat_BkClub using it. There are so many possibilities. Let’s reach out to Katie about it.
      Thanks for following the blog!

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