BAP044 M.A.D.P.D. and Why it Matters

English Learners need your help.  We need you to present at #MADPD.

You might be thinking that I’m talking to the teachers you support.  Or the teachers you learn from.  I am.   But I’m also making this plea to YOU.  We need all administrators, educators, student teachers and anyone in the field of education to take up this challenge.  You have something to share and it is time for you to share it.

Today’s episode is a plea and more explanation about the online event, #MADPD.  I promise, it will have SO many positive outcomes for you and for English Learners.  Listen to me and Derek Rhodenizer explain why and how. You can listen to the show on your favorite podcast app or right here:

Basically, you’ll present for a few minutes and do a Q&A for few minutes on ONE THING that makes a difference in your classroom.  Your ONE thing, could be exactly what a teacher needs to see to make a difference in their class.  And that will affect English learners in a positive way.

To affect change the way we need to, we ALL need to see that it’s our responsibility to share in a way that breaks down barriers for teachers of ELs around the world.  #MADPD (Make a Difference PD) does just that.

Please SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL HERE  to present your session over YouTube on May 5th.

As an example, I am including a MADPD session by Jennifer Hunter-Dillon.

Jennifer is from the Thames Valley District School Board and she presented for the first time at the 2018 MADPD event.  Her session is phenomenal!  I didn’t even understand the words “Pedagogical Documentation” when I watched it and Jennifer de-mystified it for me.  Great, powerful session.  But just like me… her technology failed her.  AND just like me, it was not a big deal.  She simply re-recorded and her video was put into the lineup for folks to come back to. Thankfully.  Her video has so many views!  Imagine how many English learners her video is positively impacting!

Several of our Twitter PLN friends have presented at MADPD in the last 2 years.

Here are just a FEW of our MADPD videos that inspired us to start doing more online PD a few years back.

Dora Deboer on Augmenting Language with AR and VR

Valentina Gonzalez: Keys to an Engaging and Effective ELLs Classroom

Tan Huynh: Words that Matter. Teaching Academic Vocabulary to ELs

Once again, here is that


Your proposal .WILL get accepted.  Join us!

Thanks for listening to my rant about this. I’m just very grateful to everyone I learn from and I am passionate about everyone sharing to help the EL education community improve our craft.  That’s what we all need and exactly what our ELs need.



Also, Join me at #MABEMI19! We are going to have an AMAZING conference!  I’ll be the keynote and I’m excited about my Rapid Literacy preconference day.  All the details are here.

Check out my friends’ podcasts that were mentioned in this show!

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