BAP048 NABE Recap with PD You Can Turn Around Quickly

This podcast & post have two different PD sessions you can turn around or make your own.

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The resources are not only from the #NABE2019 conference but also the Annual Meeting of the National Council of State Title III Directors (NSCSTIID). That meeting happened as a pre-conference day to NABE.

In this episode, I start by reminding you that everyone is able to attend a great conference for people who support English learners. VirtuEL 19 is around the corner.  Mark your calendar for June 15, 2019 at 10am ET.  You’ll be able to attend this Youtube based conference from the comfort of your home.  Our keynote speakers are Andrea Honigsfel and Maria G. Dove!  Don’t miss it!

I was honored to be the keynote for the NCSTIIID Annual Meeting. Please consider joining that association.  I’ve been on the advisory board of NCSTIIID for about six months and it has been one of the best things I’ve done professionally.  Effective this coming July, we are changing our name to the National Association of English Learner Program Administrators (NAELPA) and we’d love to have you as a member.  We support leadership! Our association supports anyone who administers English Learner programs – so if you are in the U.S., this likely affects you in some way. Please reach out to learn more.

During the annual meeting, I learned more about the Joint National Committee on Languages.  I was inspired by the advocacy work Dr. Bill Rivers and his colleagues are doing through this nonprofit education policy association.  I speak about this in the podcast because I was moved to subscribe to their newsletter and strongly suggest you do the same.  I hope to share more about how we can help the JNCL advocate for America’s languages.

In the show I promise to share links to the following:

Larry Ferlazzo’s blog post to help you support content teachers.  My advice is to use videos like these to give teachers 2-3 minute experiences followed by some time for reflection.  This suggestion was in response to a question we received about how to support content teachers in their empathy and support of our English learners.  Experiences like these can help raise the bar and remind us all of some techniques that should help students in content classes.


The first break out session I did was on Rapid Literacy.

That session was delivered entirely from this blog post that I published on the same day. I scrolled through that blog post and clicked on different images as opposed to a powerpoint.  The benefit to you is that I have the talking points in the post that explain what I said and why. You have the videos and all the links in that post.  I gave a shout out to Natalie French, Brenda Daisy and Khrista Buschhorn who helped me tweak the way I’ve been delivering PD.  We had great feedback in West Des Moines and Twin Falls, ID when we started with a model lesson. I’ll be doing that more now.


HUGE thank you to Harvey Oaxaca and Dora Deboer who were my fabulous co-presenters for the Using Tech session.  It was a home run! We have the powerpoint with the notes for you right here.

For this session, we took participants through a few experiences and then we had them reflect with the following rubric.  Our point was that of course, we need to build the target language.  That must be at the forefront of all we do if we are the language development teachers.  But we can do much more with technology!  The irony for me has been that language comes much more quickly when we hit more of these “Keys.”

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If you have any questions about the PD resources above or any of these links, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you and to know how it went if you try any of it.

Also, don’t miss our 8 week Twitter book study on Making Content Comprehensible, the SIOP Model.  We are doing that through the #ELLchat_BkClub hashtag and you can find out a lot more about that here.  We begin the 8 week study on March 25th.  I’m so happy to be leading round 8.  Join us!

I hope this podcast and post were useful for you.

If nothing else, I hope it helps you reflect a bit on your practice or how you’re supporting teachers who server our ELs.  I have found that the reflection piece is the most powerful tool I have as a learner and an educator.

So big THANK YOU for dropping by.  You are super-fantastic for your desire to learn more about how we can best help English learners.

My best,


PS:  Reach out if you’d like information about bringing Seidlitz Education training to your district.  I’d love to come work with you!  Or perhaps you will be at one of these events soon:

March 23rd in Long Island, NY at the  #LIESOL Conference. I’m on a panel and I have sessions.

April 5, 2019 in Edmonton, Canada at Edmonton Regional Learning Center – Presenting 7 Steps to a Language Rich Interactive Classroom.  

May 9 & 10, Michigan Association of Bilingual Educators  (MABEMI) I’m a keynote and I have break out sessions

Awesome $129 rate for Rapid Literacy pre-conference May 8 through MABEMI.($99 if you go as a group!)

Andrea Honigsfeld will be the Keynote Speaker for #VirtuEL19! – Let’s get some IRL watch parties together!




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