BAP049 ELLChat_BkClub the SIOP Meta Round

DO NOT miss this free SIOP PD opportunity!  Grab a copy of the new Making Content Comprehensible: the SIOP Model or dust off your old one to join us for round 17 of #ELLChat_BkClub! 

It is going to be a free 8 week book study on Twitter and we will be connecting this text to the other #ELLchat_BkClub texts we have read in the past.

I’m so honored to be leading week 8 of this #meta round and I was thrilled to record this LIVE podcast about the chat last week.  I was joined by some of the ELL heavy hitters that will also be leading the book study. You can listen to Episode 49 of the Boosting Achievement ESL Podcast in any podcast app or right here:

Listen to “BAP049 ELL Chat Book Club – Meta Round” on Spreaker.

And YOU are more than invited!

The study will cover one component per week, with a different leader each week.  MANY thanks to these leaders who were on the show with me.

I highly recommend that you follow them if you’re not already:

Carlota Holder, EL Coordinator at Enlace Academy

Katie Toppel, Ed, D. is a K-5 English Language Development Specialist and an Adjunct professor at Portland State University

Allyson Newton is the Senior SIOP Product Manager at Pearson

Emily Francis is a high school teacher in Concord, North Carolina. She is a former elementary teacher and shares her own story as a language learner at conferences around the country.

Emily is also the keynote for this year’s SIOP National Conference!

We were missing a few of the Meta Round leaders in this show.  You’ll want to also follow Tan Huynh who we mentioned is a founder of the chat and shares incredible infographics and content on Twitter for all of these chats!  We also gave a shout out to PLN rock stars, Dr. Christine Tennyson and Jess Bell who are going to be leading weeks as well.

As Dr. Katie Toppel said on the show, it has become quite a movement!  Over the 2+ years of book studies, #Ellchat_BkClub has given us a progressional growth and has also given us a sense of community.

And we want you to join the community!

Several people are tweeting about the incredible experience it is to be a part of one of these chats.  We are not only reading a text that will help us support ELs, we are analyzing, synthesizing, reflecting and collaborating with like-minded people who are helping us grow professionally.

Many of us appreciate the flexibility of a slow chat and we discuss that in the show.  I can’t recommend this self-directed, PD in your PJ’s enough! 

You really don’t want to miss this meta round!  It is a chance to collaborate with folks around the world as we learn about or revisit the text, Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model, 5th Edition by Jana Echevarria, MaryEllen Vogt and Deborah J. Short


Katie referenced a current blog post that will give you so much information about the chat.  She also gave us a great overview of the history of the chat.  She explained that she and Tan Huynh founded the chat to offer teachers of ELs with a professional development opportunity that was flexible.  The slow chat is set up so that participants can interact as able and often we are collaborating with the authors themselves.

From my perspective as an author, being a part of the chat is a huge win for me because participants really do better my work.  I know other authors have said the same.


Carlota Holder and Jess Bell have blogged about how to answer questions, what the chat is and why to use Twitter for PD.  Katie links to that article but you can also check it out here. 


Katie says PD should be FUN!  There is a lot of enthusiasm around the chat for many reasons.  Follow Tan Huyhn

In this blog post, Becoming a Passionate Reader by Emily Francis, she explains how #Ellchat_BkClub turned her into a person who can’t get enough of this type of self-directed PD!  Many of us are compelled to read and study the text because of the dynamics of the chat.

Carlota has some great points about being able to stay connected even though she is unable to read all of the books completely right now while she is in graduate school.

She also shared real-life connections with people like Christine Howard.  Christine told Carlota that she is actually reading the other books that we will be making connections to as we do this round.

So please do join us over on Twitter! Tag one of us or just use the #ELlchat_BkClub hashtag and you’ll be linking up with the best PLN on the planet!

THANK YOU to everyone who is in the PLN and everyone who listened to this show or read this post.  We are all so much better together!


PS: Don’t forget that we can connect in one of these other places in the near future as well.  Hope to see you!

April 5, 2019 in Edmonton, Canada at Edmonton Regional Learning Center – Presenting 7 Steps to a Language Rich Interactive Classroom.  

May 9 & 10, Michigan Association of Bilingual Educators  (MABEMI) I’m a keynote and I have break out sessions

Awesome $129 rate for Rapid Literacy pre-conference May 8 through MABEMI.($99 if you go as a group!)

Andrea Honigsfeld will be the Keynote Speaker for #VirtuEL19! – Let’s get some IRL watch parties together!




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