BAP053 CI and Strategies with SIOP Leaders

You didn’t miss the video chat with Tan Huynh, Katie Toppel, Emily Francis, Carlota Holder, Jess Bell and Allyson Newton.  I have the audio for you right here.

In this show, we get to hear audio from one of the #ELLCHAT_Bkclub YouTube hangouts!

Want to read more about the book chat?  Check out this blogspot page created by one of the founders, Dr. Katie Toppel.  We all owe a debt of gratitude to Tan Huyhn and Katie for creating the book club!

Our study of Making Content Comprehensible is still going strong and this video hangout was over Comprehensible Input and Strategies. Here is the slide deck they are using in the chat if you’d like to see the slides they are referencing.  You can also watch the full-length video version of their conversation.  That video is embedded here.

This dream team of EL leaders took questions from our PLN and answered them on air.

They also took on some great topics like videotaping yourself, creating a culture for teachers to want to use video and being vulnerable in order to grow.

Emily Francis mentioned a video I have on my blog where I failed to engage all my learners and one of my students fell asleep.  Here is that video. 

I am actually pretty proud of it.  It was a real moment of growth for me in many ways.  I didn’t run from this or try to hide it.  I used the experience to work with my students to make that lesson more meaningful and also shared the win with other teachers.  What the group says in their conversation is correct. Using video in your classroom can be a powerful tool in many ways.

In the beginning of this show, I introduce the speakers and I also talk about MADPD.  Shout out to everyone who participated this year.  Our ESL PLN turned out in a big way. I’m so proud of everyone and happy for the English learners out there that will benefit from our collective expertise.  What??  You say you didn’t get to see MADPD?  No worries!  All the videos are right here.  This is the master schedule so you can still scroll through all the PD sessions and watch the ones that interest you.

One more bit of PD in your PJs!  VirtuEL19 is coming up on June 15.  Mark your calendar.  Dr. Andrea Honisfeld and Dr. Maria Dove will be the keynote speakers and we have an amazing line up of presenters.

Check out the line up at this website and don’t miss the mid-conference commentary by me, Larry Ferlazzo, Valentina Gonzalez and Steve Sofronas.  Just like the SIOP hangout, and MADPD, this will be another opportunity for you to interact with your PLN as they present or watch these PD sessions together.


Thank you to the #ELLchat_BkCLub leaders!  Thanks to MADPD presenters.  And Thanks to VirtuEL presenters.Thank you to everyone who is out there sharing content for the sake of English Learners.

And THANK YOU TO YOU for listening to this show or reading through the post.  I continue to be inspired by what you are taking advantage of, your interest in self-directed PD and how you are reflecting!



Hey… will you be in one of these places this year?  I’m thrilled to be giving workshops & having keynotes or featured speaker talks at these events.  Look for all the links to be available soon.

Summer 2019

Featured Speaker at the Sanibel Leadership Conference in Florida on June 20th

FALL of 2019 – Stay tuned for dates & links:


Tonya Ward Singer and I will be keynoting in Missouri for the MELL Conference on October 2nd & 3rd.

Kentucky educators can attend a FULL DAY of Boosting Achievement at this year’s KYTESOL conference on Oct 4th

FULL DAY of Seven Steps to a Language Rich Interactive Classroom on October 10th in Detroit Michigan.


I’ll be the keynote speaker for BCTESOL in British Colombia in the fall. FULL DAY of Rapid Literacy Pre-Conference Oct 24 and then the Keynote on Oct 25!


Coming to Colorado as a featured speaker for COTESOL on Nov 1st.

FULL DAY of Seven Steps to a Language Rich Interactive Classroom on September 24 in Omaha, Nebraska.

FULL DAY of BOOSTING ACHIEVEMENT is coming to Orlando & Missouri in Nov & Dec of 2019 . Stay tuned!



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