BAP054 – How to Support ELs Who May Fail

This episode has a healthy dose of inspiring message but there are absolutely concrete ideas and a call to action for each of us.

You can listen in your favorite podcast app or right here.

If you are interested in supporting students who may not meet (or did not meet) standardized assessments or grade level requirements, you’ll may want to check out this post on the Seidlitz blog.  That blogpost outlines the specific things I recommend for supporting ELs who may not meet requirements at the same time as their peers.

In addition to that blog post, you may be interested in some shows we did this time last year on this subject.

Episode 32: Part III Keep Moving Forward (guest Talisa Harris)

Episode 31: Part II Keep Moving Forward (guest Emily Francis)

Episode 30: Part I Keep Moving Forward (guest Emily Francis)

In Episode 54 I promise you some links.  The first is  The United Way helpline. The helpline is there for families who need support. Yes, they can connect your students with programs to help them get a GED…

But knowing about a GED is only an FYI for our students who have not yet aged out.

They should stay with us to learn more academics and more English for as long as they are able to take advantage of our schools.

I also mention Techfugees.  They are supporting refugees around the world in many different ways. If you are in a place that supports refugees but they can’t take advantage of public education, please reach out so we can think take with our PLN.  There are services we can all learn more about and Techfugees is a great example.

I also mention this padlet with success stories of SLIFE, SIFE and Immigrants who overcame challenges.  Stories like that of Emily Francis, Francisco Jimenez, Valentina Gonzales and others are here to share with your students.  You can share a story now and use these resources in your curriculum next year:

To support ELs moving forward, let’s all make sure we take advantage of this amazing PD opportunity that comes up every June.  VirtuEL is available to everyone! You can watch previous years’ sessions in replay but we’d love for you to join us live.  All the information is at  #VirtuEL19 is going to be EPIC!


Thank you for listening and for all you’re doing for English learners.  Some of our students come with such challenges that we may feel that there is no hope.  That is never the case.  With your help, they CAN have hope and that is what we all need to keep moving forward.



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