BAP067 Webinar on SLIFE, Resources from NAELPA and NABE

The Success for SLIFE webinar is almost here! This podcast offers more information on that as well as the resources I used at NABE2020 and a message for teachers who are feeling overwhelmed or underprepared for the ELs they are receiving.

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Register for the Free Success for SLIFE webinar right here.  It is brought to you by NAELPA,  the National Association of English Learner Program Administrators.  If you are not a member, you can still attend but we’d love to have you join us!   The association is a non-profit with a mission of supporting EL program administrators.  It is one of the most powerful ways we can support teachers and ELs… support their leaders!

An Educators’s Personal Playlist

If you’re a regular listener of the show, you have likely heard of Noa Daniel. She was my guest last week and that is a show NOT to be missed!  I got lots of great feedback on that show but we only scratched the surface on what we can learn from Noa.  In fact, I failed to share the P3 I did with Noa on her show.  If you enjoyed our conversation, you might want to check out this episode of her great podcast. where she asked me to explain MY personal playlist.  I was honored to be her guest.  Her show, which now has over 100 guests and their P3’s, will pull at your heart strings and can inspire many ideas of how to do this with your students, your colleagues, your family… Gotta love Noa!

In this show I also promise you the two padlets I used in my NABE2020 sessions last week so here they are.  We didn’t get to all of this, but they are resources I wanted the participants to have.

“Bringing History to Life Through Life Histories”

The first one is for the session I did with the great Tina Beene.  She is our Social Studies expert at Seidlitz Education.  We start by opening a space for students to share their stories to each other and even to the faculty (IF they want to share with anyone).  I started following Larry Ferlazzo’s example (his resources including video are in the padlet) of having students offer PD with me and we never looked back.  It is a game changer for everyone involved.

“SLIFE at Grade Level”

The second session I delivered was on supporting SLIFE in content area classes.  Here are the resources I wanted those folks to have and I’m glad you have them too!


Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next episode of this podcast when it comes out soon!  I am excited to have a show together with Jordan Mayer of Surrey Schools where he gives us insight into how we might discover what is happening with students who are not gaining literacy.  Lots of phonics talk in that one!

Thanks to folks connected with me at NABE and NAELPA.  You’re all amazing and YOU are amazing for stopping by this blog.



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