SLIFE Webinar

This SLIFE webinar took place yesterday.  Sorry if you got a notification again.  I am still learning about mailchimp!

Here is the link to see it in replay:  If you sign in to the NAELPA website (which is free, just create a free log in) you will be able to find it in the dropdown menu.

If you serve ANY English Learners, you’ll love the information I share in this free PD for the National Association of English Learner Program Administrators.  The focus is Success for SLIFE (Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education). Bring questions for the chat!

While NAELPA supports state and local EL program leadership (be sure to forward this to your administrators, principals, directors, coordinators…), we want to be clear that EVERYONE is welcome.  Teachers, specialists, community members and any stakeholders are welcome to join us as we collaborate to support the program leaders that support language learners.

We can’t always get to a conference or a workshop so I’m honored to share in this format that is available to everyone, on demand. Once the video is available in replay, you will want to share it out to support anyone who serves new arrival students.

Hope you enjoy the content!


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