BAP076 BELIEVE Cafe LIVE & Racial Equity

Dorina Sackman joined me again for another live show on  This one has a focus on Racial Equity.
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Dorina continues to help us grow our emotional intelligence in this, a time when we need it most.  This week we opened the show talking about the fight for social justice and how we are all looking to grow around the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

I made some points about how important it is right now to use our emotional intelligence and that I am grateful for the #BELIEVE_Cafe work many of us have been doing.  You can jump into Dorina’s free YouTube videos right here:

Among other insightful comments, Dorina shared that she is making a conscious effort to do more reflecting vs. reacting and she is looking to follow more individuals who are doing the work of reflection.

This week we opened the show sharing tweets from Dr. Jose Medina and Dr. Cristina Rhodes.  Here they are:

Dorina shared Dr. Cristina Rhode’s tweet:

Dorina shared this document by @MizMaloney.


We are grateful to the following people who called in to help us unpack our thoughts today:

Michelle Van Balkom sparked great conversation with the tweet below and joined us to talk about it.

Jody Nolf , Hieu Fraser, Dawn HarrisDr. Robb Scott all joined by calling in and adding great insight.

Here is the tweet by Michelle.  I encourage you to read some of the great responses she got to this tweet.  We discussed some of them but people in our PLN continue to add to the conversation:

Dawn Harris was listening and tweeted this important insight about black teachers and white students.  We were so grateful that Dawn called in to expand on her experience with this:

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this rich conversation.  I also mentioned on the show that Aprile Giordano Williams of YOMEI (who was on episode 74) is offering a 15% discount for listeners of this podcast if you’d like to take her Yoga for Mindful Emotional Intelligence (YOMEI) workshop.  Use the code BoostingAchievement at checkout here

One more big thanks to people on this show and a big thanks to YOU for following along.  You are truly helping my learning.



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