BAP101 Dr. Margaret Aisicovich on her 100 Ways to Kill a Teacher Book

Dr. Margaret Aisicovich returned to talk about her new book, 100 Ways to Kill a Teacher: Cautionary Tales about Public Education in Canada.

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I follow Dr. Aisicovich because she challenges my thinking.  While working on my own dissertation, I cited her research on teacher and administrator perceptions of multilingual learners.  Her new book, 100 Ways to Kill a Teacher; Cautionary Tales about Public Education in Canada, shares pitfalls, heartbreaks, and limitations teachers can expect to face in the field.  On the show, she shares about this raw take on the field and how she hopes it will add to the profession.

In the show, we talked about some of the realities outlined in the book.  Many of us can empathize with the challenges teachers face.  Margaret hopes her book will help jumpstart conversations and serve as a call to action that can support change.

I agree that we need to constantly examine how we are functioning systemically. I was particularly drawn to the chapter on professional development and some of the challenges she describes. On the podcast, we had a great conversation about the possible pitfalls and how they might be avoided.

As we mentioned on the show, this book can help educators feel that they are not alone.  There are many situations that people do not expect when they enter the field. I appreciate Dr. Aisicovich for her candor and her passion.

Thank you Margaret and Stephen for the conversation and thank YOU for tuning in.

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BAP100 Kid Inspired Classroom with John Carlson

Welcome to Episode 100!  In this show, you get to hear ideas and insight from John Carlson of Kid-Inspired Classroom. John joins us for a live show to share a practical tip that has had a huge effect in ESL classrooms.  We end up in a deep conversation about the value of sharing content and ideas.

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I purchased his book, Kid-Inspired Teacher; Organizing Wildly Productive ELL Classrooms and I can tell you that it is full of great ideas for teachers of Emergent Bilinguals.

I would also recommend that you check out his website.  You can subscribe to his blog and check out the site where he shares curriculum, strategies, advice, and more.

John is very active on social media where he shares free content and also lifts up others that are doing the same.  We talk about this on the show. 

He and I are both convinced that it is in our best interest to share what others are doing…even if that thing is in competition with what you’re doing for the field.

I respect John so much and I’m grateful to get to learn from him on a regular basis.  A great example is that in this show, he shares a “Choice Board Challenge” that is a great twist on an old favorite.  Tan Huynh, Dr. Katie Toppel, and I loved the idea so much that we will be using it for our Twitter book study on our new book.  That book study will be happening in November (more to come on that).

A big thanks to John Carlson.  I appreciate his willingness to do a live show with us on  And I also appreciate his willingness to support the field in so many ways.

And as always, I want to thank YOU.  Your passion has you listening to education radio.  I’m honored that this show is part of your journey.

Reach out and let me know what you think of this episode!

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