BAP116 The Student Motivation Handbook with Author Larry Ferlazzo

Guess What!  I have a ton of free resources on supporting intrinsic motivation for you in this post.
Our guest for this episode is world-renowned educator, Larry Ferlazzo.  He graciously joined me to talk about his new book, The Student Motivation Handbook: 50 Ways to Boost an Intrinsic Desire to Learn.  You can listen to the show right here or in your favorite podcast app:

Listen to “Ep 116 The Student Motivation Handbook ft Larry Ferlazzo” on Spreaker.

Here are some links I promised in this show:

The book is out NOW.  Get yours here.
The publisher’s webpage for this book has TONS of free resources.
For my own learning, I wrote out notes and reflections on my conversation with Larry.  Those notes are right here if you’d like to read them.
Thanks for tuning in!
Thanks again to Larry and thank YOU for being such a passionate educator.  If you are looking for PD in podcasts, there is no doubt about that!
My best,

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