BAP102 Journeys to Belonging ft Dr. Ilene Winokur

This show should be relevant to all educators.  The book “Journeys to Belonging” by Dr. Ilene Winokur is now out and available.  This show includes research and practical ideas for supporting ALL students including marginalized learners.

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Dr. Winokur has led a fascinating life and was on our show earlier this year. You can listen to that episode right here.  She is someone I have followed for years.  I appreciate all I learn from her and I’m grateful to have cited her in my doctoral research regarding what has an impact on the persistence of marginalized students.

Journey to Belonging

The hashtag is #Journeys2Belonging.  Check that out to learn so much about Ilene’s book and her work. She joined me and Stephen Hurley of VoicEd radio for this live show in September and you can now get your copy of this book on Amazon or through Edumatch Publishing.


She discusses her own journey, the research behind a sense of belonging, and how important it is for educators to set the tone of safety in our learning spaces.  You can learn so much by following Dr. Winokur on Twitter or on her website.

She also has her own great podcast and you can get links to all of that from the website.

Neuroscience and Psychological Safety

Ilene mentions a show with Stephen Hurley and Dr. Stephen Porges.  The body’s physiological response and need for safety is discussed in depth in that show.  Ilene references Dr. Porges more than once so here is that show for your continued exploration of the subject.

I am always fascinated to here Ilene’s thoughts about how we can create a safe space where everyone feels welcome.  We talk about what is practical and how we can support the emotional needs of our students and of our teachers.

I’m so grateful to Dr. Winokur for writing this book, for spending time with us, and for all she shares regularly.

Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode. You add so much to my journey!

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