Day of the Dead Kahoot for Heritage Learning

Play this quick True/False Kahoot as a way to get kiddos talking about traditions in their countries or their ancestry.  We can have some wonderful discussions and writing assignments from this.  Any traditions can be illustrated and then we can work on cohesive devices such as “First”  “Then” “Next”   Also complex sentences with “because.”

Big thanks to Kahooter: SraD_FHS.  I copied and modified her Kahoot and took me only 5 minutes to simplify it for newcomers.



TexTESOL State Conference

Get over to Twitter & follow #2016TxTESOLConf if you want some free ESL learning!  Here are highlights & links from my sessions.  I appreciate that there have been so many sessions regarding refugees and SIFE students.  I learned so much!


Excited for the Region V TexTESOL Conference on Nov 12th.  I’ll be doing this session there as well.  Hope you’ll be there.  Here is that link:

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Number Talks by Teaching Channel

I used to be so frustrated that I couldn’t do observations with other teachers as much as I’d like.  We always learn something.  The whole #ObserveMe movement is a fantastic idea, if you ask me.

So I’m thrilled when I get a chance to plug into the Teaching Channel and see a quick idea for ELLs in action.  Just like our language learners, I benefit from seeing an example!


I love this video from The Teaching Channel because these SECOND graders are speaking like scholars.  This is great for my high schoolers, for native kiddos, for everyone…for so many reasons!

Rock on Ms. Lacour!  We could apply this to any academic conversations.  I love the choral read – as she says in the video, it supports risk taking.  That’s the gold!

TCCA 2016 Conference Notes

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Today’s Google Slides Presentations with Embedded Links:

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Kahoot PD Resources and Printables:


Videos to support Newcomers, SIFE and Any ESL student:


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March SIFE Conference in Houston!


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Bring on the Volunteers!

“We have people in the community who want to help but are not sure that they are qualified or what it would look like.”  That sentence from our PTA president blew me away.  I was so busy with my classes that I hadn’t thought about this.  My lack of volunteer support was not from a lack of desire!

So I made this quick, unpolished video to help our community see that they can have a tremendous impact on our newest students.  It is not a PD for ELL teachers.  It is meant to be a user-friendly introduction how a lay-person can help me when they work with our kiddos after school or any time they are helping them without an explicit assignment.

Please offer feedback.  And use and share!

Off to grade papers…


The global #CardboardChallenge was a huge success!  Ms. Shaver, Ms. McLaughlin & their Memorial High School scholars joined our Stratford High students and their siblings & friends.  We were inspired by the movie, Caine’s Arcade.  The movie became a movement & we see why!   We are sometimes working so hard to find academic achievement that we forget how important it is to work on creativity, problem-solving and   Self-directed learning.   Those are the things that leaders are made of! Bravo kids!!

We also got a high five from Caine! image image image image image image image image image image

ELPS in ACTION – Changing Mindset

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ELPS in ACTION – Changing Mindset


Carol’s Kahoot on How We Acquire a 2nd Language – Great for your Prof Dev 


These are the questions in the Kahoot!

  1. According to Marzano, __________________ can lead to a 19 point percentile gain in achievement.
  2. There are ___________ language domains.
  3. The productive domains are ___________________________.
  4. For the biggest impact, the language load should be on the __________________.

Here is the video on what is possible for SIFE :


 Practical Tip: Inspire Students and Teachers!

How fast can a person acquire L2??

Gerson Video 7 Months in US Schools


Practical Tip: Create Mentor Texts the Newcomer can read!

Newcomers recently watched Gerson’s video and then we did a shared quick write:

gerson-essay-2                gerson-essay-typed

What about your shy kids?  Unschooled/no native language literacy?

Nabil Learns to Read/Choral Reading for SIFE


Nabil five months later: Refugee Essays and Nabil’s Reading Update


Other Resources:

Kahoot! (for Teacher to create Kahoots)

Kahoot Planning Pages (dropbox)

Other Kahoot Plannning and PD resources

More VIDEOS from 2015-present

4th period Selfie Kahoot Fall 2016

6th period Selfie Kahoot Fall 2016

2015-2016 Dierschke/Salva Refugee Class Selfie Kahoot