My Kahoot Session & #VirtuEL17 – An EL Conference Delivered Straight to Your Device

#VirtuEL17  was amazing!  It happened in early June, but don’t worry, you didn’t miss it.  Everything you need to “attend” this virtual ESL conference is below.  Here is my Kahoot for ESL Newcomers session but be sure to explore the conference flyer below for more ESL sessions on a variety of topics.

You can play/teach an ESL Kahoot lesson by using this Kahoot I made:

Like many conferences, #VirtuEL17  features top ESL educators and specialists who are sharing their passion and effective techniques for working with English Learners.  The difference is that this conference comes right to your home, right to your device!  For all the details, see the conference program here:


VirtuEL is staff development by teachers, FOR teachers.  It is the brainchild of Tan Huynh, a master educator who blogs on the popular site, His site is a resource center that contains articles about instructional practices that support ELs’ language development.  Tan and I had been planning VirtuEL when we were asked to participate in the the virtual conference,#MADPD.  The day of learning inspired us and propelled us toward realizing Tan’s vision of a virtual conference for ESL educators.   His idea is taking shape now that we have so many sessions lined up that can be watched live and then re-watched on demand.  Most will be live sessions but some will be pre-recorded with the opportunity for a live Q&A with the presenters.    

Opening Keynote by Nancy Motley 9;00 am ET

Author and Seidlitz Education Consultant, Nancy Motley is delivering the first Keynote session 9:00 am Eastern.  This 5 minute video is a sneak peek of her talk and will give you an idea of the insight that Nancy will share with us that morning:


A Flipped Keynote by Larry Ferlazzo 10:45 am ET

We have another incredible keynote speaker at 10:45 am Eastern.  Educator, Author and Ed Week teacher advice columnist, Larry Ferlazzo, will be answering our questions and chatting with us about his talk on Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  To participate fully, please watch this 15 minute video by Larry entitled “Social Emotional Learning & Common Core.” 


FLIPPED PD: Bring your comments and questions to the conference at 10:45 Eastern and tune into Larry’s YoutubeLive event here.  Larry will answer our questions and hear our comments about this important tool for working with English Learners.  The video will have a chat feature or you may log into Twitter and post your comments using the hashtag #VirtuEL17.  I will be monitoring the feed along with Tan and Larry.

Thought Provoking Breakout Sessions 10:00 am & 11:00 am ET

The breakout sessions will feature several leaders in ESL instruction. Those sessions will take place at 10:00 and 11:00 am Eastern.  Presenters include Tan Huynh,  Cassandra  Chapa, Carlotta Holder, Valentina Gonzalez, Bret Gosselin, Andrea Honigsfeld, Katie Toppel, Ed.D and Carol Salva

You can find the lineup and all the links by visiting the conference flyer page here:


We hope you will participate in our first #VirtuEL conference.  I am inspired by what educators are doing on their own time to make this possible.   Thank you, Tan Huynh, Nancy Motley, Larry Ferlazzo, and all who are reading this.  We are delighted to deliver this innovative day of learning.  You deserve it!

Hope to see you here: !



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