BAP075 All My Distance Learning Webinars in One Place

These are my TOP TIPS for how I’d set up and deliver instruction this coming year.  These are for online, face-to-face or a hybrid situation.  I’ve done SEVERAL webinars since we went on lockdown and they are all different. Below are all the webinars with a bit of info about each.

You can hear me talk about this on the latest episode of Boosting Achievement ESL Podcast right here or just scroll down to find the webinar that is most helpful to you.  I hope you do get a chance to listen because I recorded highlights and thoughts for you.

Listen to “BAP075 ALL My Distance Learning Webinars” on Spreaker.

So here are the webinars:


Kahoot! EDU Summit – Get the most out of Kahoot! New features and more! (57 min)

This one is not EL specific but rather an explanation of ways to get the most out of the new features of Kahoot.  Further down in this post is another Kahoot webinar for working with ELs.  This session was part of the Kahoot EduSummit so I am adding it.

Supporting SLIFE & Newcomers in Distance Learning with Authentic Experiences (34 min)

This is the backbone of my school year.  Because newcomer curriculum is about basic English, you can teach it through thematic units.

As an added bonus, I teach a lot of this content through Kahoot.  My goal was to show you the DDCR routine. It was a foundational routine I did all year long when I was able to see my students daily or only able to see my students every other day. Here is a blogpost I wrote about it in 2018.

Engaging English Learners from a Distance with Kahoot (60min)

I can’t tell you how MUCH I used Kahoot in my classroom.  I used it

  • to introduce vocabulary
  • to build background
  • to honor culture
  • to get to know students with Selfie Kahoots
  • to raise rigor by having students create Kahoots
  • and so much more.

Check out my ALL THINGS KAHOOT page to see more.  And be sure to watch this webinar I just did for Kahoot that shows you how to apply all of this in a remote learning environment.

UPDATE!  I made the following video for students who don’t have two devices.  If they only have one, I showed them how to split their screen in chrome to play Kahoot with us.  HOWEVER! Kahoot now allows you to display the questions & answers on the student’s devices  (just click that option when you launch a game) and they dont’ need to do this.  But some kids may still want a split screen so this might be useful:

And if they only have a cellphone, watch the webinar for ideas on how to engage them with asynchronous opportunities and even some non-tech Kahoot opportunities.

Engaging Language Learners with Choice Projects During Distance Learning #MADPD (17 min)

That #MADPD webinar is only 17 minutes but it is PACKED with high impact ideas for your remote learning classroom.  I cover some foundations of motivating English Learners

  • Autonomy
  • Competence
  • Relatedness
  • Relevancy

You’ll see that I reference the work of Noa Daniel and Larry Ferlazzo throughout this webinar.  They have never failed me! Here is the link to the slide deck from this MADpd webinar. It is linked with resources I show in the webinar.

Success for SLIFE – A Literacy Focus (65 min)

This latest webinar was for TransACT.  They asked me to cover Success for SLIFE and I was honored to give this talk with a focus on how we can support literacy development for SLIFE in remote learning.  To view this webinar, you’ll just need to sign in to the TransACT website (it is free to do so).

This padlet includes links to the slide deck and many other resources I mention in the webinar.  It has links to many that I could not get to!

Not Your Grandma’s Book Club (48 min)

This webinar for ERGO the ESL/ELD Resource Group of Ontario was VERY well received. I was honored to give it with Dr. Katie Toppel and Tan Huynh.

This webinar is important because we are explicitly showing you how to offer PD to educators in a distance learning space.  The three of us have been doing synchronous and asynchronous book studies for a few years.  I’ve learned a ton from the two of them and I’m honored to share how I use it with my clients and their staff. Slides are at

Supporting ELs with Interruptions in Education (60min)

I’ve done a few other webinars that may be of interest.  This one for Saddleback was the first one I did when we all went to remote learning. You’ll see some of what I covered in the other webinars as this one is a general overview of how to support SLIFE and why they should be able to succeed.  Check out other Saddleback webinars. they have a great series going on to support teachers of ELs.

Serving English Learners in a Distance Learning Environment (2 parts, 2 hours)

This webinar was specifically for NAESPA and it’s membership but anyone is welcome to view the 2 hour event.  NAESPA is an organization made up of State ESEA Program Administrators, and their staff from each of the states and territories, charged with managing their state federal education program.  The webinar was in 2 parts.  Part I covered the legal requirements related to providing services to ELs, in Title I, Title III, and Civil Rights that may be challenging to implement in a distance learning environment.  I was in Part II, a facilitated panel discussion. Each panelist received one question for response related to best practices for supporting bilingual/multilingual/dual language education and educators in a distance learning environment.  I was honored to represent NAELPA (the National Assn of English Learner Program Administrators)

Extra note: In the podcast I mention Esmeralda Alday from San Antonio ISD and their secondary dual language program.   I also talk about NewsInLevels.  Those are not in the webinars but worth checking out!


Lasts but not least, I’m back at work and offering this for-a-fee opportunity. You can join me for this 5 hour online Boosting Achievement workshop for June 12th. Think 5 hours is too long??  Think again!  I have a full day of interactive, online and offline activities.  You’ll leave with tools for how to support SLIFE (Students with Interrupted or Limited Education) but you know me…the techniques should boost learning for ALL your students.
AND... you’ll experience techniques that work for teaching in a face-to-face or remote learning classrooms.

This opportunity has a fee of $125 and I’m limiting this day to just 30 participants.  We only scheduled it and it is already filling up! So please register if this is of interest to you.

I’m planning a day that should help you feel more prepared if you teach online or a blend of on and offline.  We need to have tools for any circumstance.  So let’s spend a day considering how to help these learners… in a way that will help ALL learners.   You can sign up on Event Bright or by printing & faxing the form with your P.O.

If you are unable to join us on June 12, the information in this post and around my blog is quite a lot of support but also, please stay connected on Facebook or Twitter.  Consider checking out the many videos on my Video page or read through the Boosting Achievement Book Study posts.  They are extra content for the book!

THANK YOU for all your interest in the resources and for how you support your students.

They need you and I’m grateful you’re there for them.

Stay strong and healthy,


BAP074 Stress Management with YOEMI and #BELIEVE_Cafe

You didn’t miss this incredibly important show on managing the stress we are all feeling.  You can listen right here or on your favorite podcast app.
Listen to “BAP074 Managing Stress with YOMEI and BELIEVE Cafe” on Spreaker.

In this show, Dorina Sackman Ebua, AKA, Ms. Dorito, joined me again to take calls LIVE on VoicEdRadio. We have a great conversation with several listeners and we mention Dorina’s BELIEVE_Cafe series on Youtube several times.  I can’t recommend it enough.  We are so fortunate that Dorna is helping us now for THIRTY LESSONS on YouTube!  You can start her series aany time and many of our callers are grateful for how she is helping us to think constructively and behave wisely.  But this doesn’t happen overnight. Her series began to make a difference in my outlook immediately but I really started to benefit as I spent each week day morning working through the exercises in her playlist. Dorina is also giving free webinars like this one.  Reach out to her to find out about others. 

We were so grateful to hear from Jody Nolf, Michelle Van Balkom and Dawn Harris. Each called in and brought great insight for us to consider.  Each question, comment or connection helped steer the conversation towards what educators are really facing right now.

In this show, Aprile Williams of YOMEI (Yoga for Mindful Emotional Intelligence) was able to join us.  She is also doing her doctoral work on Transformative Emotional Intelligence.

This was a powerful hour for me. Like many of you, I’ve been experiencing ups and downs as think about the future and how things might look moving forward.  Although I’ve been in a funk lately, #BELIEVE_Cafe has been saving me.  As Dorina eloquently puts it on the show, stress is inevitable, how you handle it is optional. She and Aprile give us such great advice on how to handle the emotions we might be feeling.

April points out that we don’t need to feel badly about our emotions and the stress we feel.  She leads us in a 16 second breathing exercise that has been helping me ever since. She and Dorina are experts in the area of growing your emotional intelligence and I’m so glad that they both have a focus on supporting educators.

You can check out April’s courses right here.

And she is also on Facebook leading some of her exercises.

For folks checking in to this blog, Aprile is offering a 15% off discount for her classes.  Please enter this code at check out if you take a YOMEI class: BoostingAchievement

Thank you again to everyone who is interacting with us during our LIVE shows.   I’m getting so much from them and I hope you are too.

Thank you again to Dorina and Aprile and thank YOU for all your passion.

Please be safe, move forward bravely and stay healthy.



PS: Below are the latest webinars I am doing or have done recently.  They are both available in replay if you miss them. I’ll be sending out a post with more later this week.

May 19 @ 11am CT:

May 15 @ 12pm CT:


Teaching Science to ELs Authors Dr. Stephen Fleenor & Tina Beene

Dr. Stephen Fleenor and Tina Beene are on the show and we are so fortunate to get to learn from them in this episode.

You can listen to the show right here.
Listen to “BAP073 Fleenor and Beene EL Experts for Science & Social Studies Teaching” on Spreaker.

Stephen and Tina are my colleagues (and friends) and I’m thrilled that they have written an amazing book, Teaching Science to English Learners.  They each have their content area specializations. Stephen is our science expert and Tina is our go-to consultant for all things Social Studies.  All three of us are Seidlitz Education consultants so we have a strong focus on supporting English Learners and marginalized populations.  We were all trained in Seidlitz 7 Steps to a Language Rich Interactive Classroom (this is where QSSSA was born).  The research-based sheltered instruction principles of the 7 Steps are foundational to our work as a company and for us as individuals.

I had so many takeaways from this show!  Stephen and Tina helped me reflect on how important it is to keep a focus on a language rich classroom whether we are face to face or in a remote learning environment.  As Stephen put it, even in the virtual world, we need to offer students ways to have structured interactions with each other.  He actually just released a webinar on Fostering Interaction in an Online Classroom and you can watch it right here. In that webinar he is modeling QSSSA and other techniques you can use in the virtual world. He also recently published this 11 minute video on facilitating QSSSA in zoom breakout rooms.  I have watched it several times already!

As you listen to the show, you’ll understand why Tina and Stephen make such a great writing team.  I love having Tina back because she always helps me think deeply about how learning is impacted by how students contextualize concepts into their own world view.  With everything going on right now, I highly recommend all teachers watch this webinar she just released on offering Compelling Social Studies Content for Distance Learning.   And you can find her Teaching Social Studies to ELLs book right here.

Stephen and Tina co-wrote an amazing resource, Teaching Science to English Learners that is creating a buzz in the field because, just as Tina’s first book in this series, it focuses on low-prep, high yield strategies.  Is it any wonder that their books are among our best sellers?

I’m so happy to share more free content from these two! Don’t miss this article Stephen wrote for the Seidlitz blog:

Could Teaching English Learners Be One of the Secrets to Great Educational Leadership? by Dr. Stephen Fleenor

Or this one that Tina wrote about how to survive October… a time that typicially comes with many deadlines, stress and illness.  Her practical advice applies so much right now!

 October Is the Scariest Month of a Teacher’s Year.  by Tina Beene

I am so happy to have a few more Carol & Tina shows for you.  I also feel so fortunate that Tina partnered with me to deliver this VirtuEL presentation on Effective Questioning in Social Studies.  Check it out for a deep dive in QSSSA in Social Studies:

This is a link to the first time she was on this show.  I listen to this one often – it was foundational to units of study that propelled the learning in my newcomer class:

One more big thanks to these EduHeroes in the field!  I’m so proud to work with them.

Here is a workshop they are doing on November2nd  if you want to go ahead and register and mark your calendar for this:

As promised, here are links to some recent videos I’ve done for newcomer teachers:

Supporting SLIFE in Distance Learning was a webinar for Saddleback.  (general ideas of why they should be able to learn quickly and some strategies modeled.)

My 17 min MADPD video on Compelling Projects

My own Seidlitz webinar on how I would set up my newcomer/SLIFE class with authentic experiences.

My Kahoot session on Engaging ELs with Kahoot.

Hope those help add things to your toolbelt.

Thank you for stopping by this blog!

Stay strong and healthy,