African Culture Connections



Teachers have so many standards to teach that it can be overwhelming.  I have found that grade-level Science, History, Math and Language concepts are MUCH easier to teach with students who are invested and interested in the learning.   There are so many ways to connect with our learners.

We appreciate Impande Ye Africa for helping us connect with our students through their culture and also for allowing other students to participate as well.  This after school program is made possible through a Texas Commission on the Arts grant that funded 50% of this Young Audiences of Houston enrichment opportunity.  We are so happy to see the students grow their appreciation for their culture and the culture of others.

INVESTED STUDENTS – Ready to learn!

This is translating to students who are interested in the thematic units we do to learn about different peoples, events and places in history and in the modern world. We are able to learn concepts about math, science and language at a rapid rate when we feel connected to the content.

IMG_3256Class participation


I hope to update this  blog with some examples of the many positive outcomes we have experienced with great education partners in Houston and around the world!