The New History & Archeology Club


Club sign up day was last week and we had a TON of students sign our “I am interested” sheet.  I’m super grateful to our archeologist friends at Coastal Environments, Inc and The Texas Historical Commission.  Dr. Lohse loaned us a few artifacts and we had many pictures of student engagement that we could share with prospective kiddos.  This will be my first experience with students who are not obligated to sit in a classroom and listen to me.  I have to work with Mr. Knapik (World Cultures & US History teacher at Stratford) to create activities that are of genuine interest to a young person.  With a club, they have no obligation to come and this at this age (high school) they have a social life to think about.  What a nice test for us!

MANY of our international students and Newcomers expressed interest.  Our hope is that this club provides a way to help them connect with their new school and community and that it has the added benefit of providing a motivating topic to encourage the use of their second language.  Our first gathering will be September 20th to get interest information from the students.   I have reached out to CEI and the THC to see what they might be able to provide in the way of experiences.

Stay tuned!!!

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