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Episode 121: Keys to an Effective Language Assistance Program ft. Khalil El-Saghir

Episode 120: Newcomer Numbers Rising?  Reboot Your ESL Classroom

Episode 119: When Perfect Ruins Your Good

Episode 118: Making Americans ft. Jessica Lander

Episode 117: Co-Creating Text to Support Grade-Level Content Learning

Episode 116: The Student Motivation Handbook: 50 Activities to Boost Intrinsic Desire to Learn ft. Larry Ferlazzo 

Episode 115: Beyond Language Exper Approach (Co-Creating Text) – FIVE ideas

Episode 114: Literacy for Older Newcomers, What is Effective & Practical

Episode 113: Kim Thyberg on Returning to Teaching Newcomers after a Traumatic Event

Episode 112: Emily Francis on Free Voluntary Reading and her #IfUOnlyKnewBook 

Episode 111: Teaching Newcomers What to Say Instead of IDK

Episode 110: Back to School MINDSET and Resources for Newcomer Teachers

Episode 109: Small Moves, Big Gains with Author Nancy Motley

Episode 108: QSSSA Resources featuring Christopher Hagy 

Episode 107: ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide ft. authors Ferlazzo & Sypnieski

Episode 106: Voices of Newcomers ft Dr. Denise Furlong

Episode 105 Ambassadors and Newcomer Leadership ft. Margaret Rutaquio

Episode 104 Leadership and Change ft. Derek Rhodenizer

Episode 103: Motivation & Engagement for SLIFE

Episode 102: Journey to Belonging ft. Dr. Ilene Winokur

Episode 101: Dr. Margaret Aisicovich on her 100 Ways to Kill a Teacher Book

Episode 100: Kid Inspired Classroom with John Carlson

Episode 99: Starting Strong for Newcomers in 2021 – TOP TIPS

Episode 98: Amplifying the Voices of Unaccompanied Minors Conference ft. John Seidlitz

Episode 97: Feeling Prepared to Support SLIFE ft. Dr. Margaret Aisicovich

Episode 96: You’re Invited to The ML Summit (Previously VirtuEL)

Episode 95: JCPS Newcomer Academy Success with Gwen Snow & Dr. Irina McGrath

Episode 94: Hope with Agency & Shifting to an Asset Lens

Episode 93: Family Engagement (A Virtual Concert!🎵🎶) ft Viana Armstrong

Episode 92: The School I Deserve ft. Jo Napolitano

Episode 91: Engaging Language Learners with Writing – Natalia Heckman

Episode 90: Ilene Winokur on Creating a Sense of Belonging & Being Culturally Responsive

Episode 89: Dr. Katie Toppel on K-1 ELs and Remote Learning

Episode 88: Sara Sparks on Supporting Unengaged or Failing Students

Episode 87: Texas Blizzard Reflections 

Episode 86: Natalia Heckman on Sentence Level Writing for ELs

Episode 85: Unit on MLK, Valentine’s Day & Kindness (2021 reboot)

Episode 84: Patience with Jen Steffens 

Episode 83: NewsInLevels for Emergent Readers – This is KEY!

Episode 82: Reading & Writing with English Learners by Valentina Gonzalez & Dr. Melinda Miller 

Episode 81: Teaching ELs Online with Drew Courtney & Michelle Shory

Episode 80: Bravery with Michelle Van Balkom 

Episode 79: FIVE Tips to a Strong Start  – COVID Edition

Episode 78: VirtuEL 2020, The Conference We ALL Need Right Now!

Episode  77: Inspiring Conversation with the Authors of the Teacher’s Toolbox Series Books

Episode 76: Racial Equity and #BELIVE_Cafe – LIVE SHOW

Episode 75: All My Distance Learning Webinars

Episode 74: Stress Management with YOMEI and BELIEVE_Cafe 

Episode 73: Dr. Stephen Fleenor and Tina Beene; Teaching Science & Social Studies to ELs During Remote Learning

Episode 72: 2nd BELIEVE_Cafe LIVE with Dorina

Episode 71: 1st Believe Cafe LIVE with Dorina 

Episode 70: Brad Shreffler on Tech 4 ELs

Episode 69: CoVid19 – We Can Do This.

Episode 68 Jordan Mayer and Finding The Right Starting Point for ELs

Episode 67: NAELPA and NABE2020 Resources 

Episode 66: Noa’s BOBs! You too can Build Outside the Blocks! 

Episode 65: Alycia Owen, International Educator

Episode 64: ONE Newcomer Showed Up Mid Year! What Can I DO?

Episode 63: Grading and Assessing ELs

Episode 62: Padlets, Reflection and More

Episode 61: Getting Buy-In from Older Emergent Readers 

Episode 60: Teaching Older ELs to Read The Basics!

Episode 59: Tonya Ward Singer & Carol Prepare for their Keynotes at ELevate

Episode 58: I Only Have a FEW Newcomers. Now What?

Episode 57: Starting the Year in a Challenging Climate

Episode 56: The Personalized PD Landscape with Derek Rhodenizer 

Episode 55: Graduating SLIFE and How to Start a One World Club

Episode 54: How to Support ELs Who May Not Pass 

Episode 53: CI and Strategies by SIOP Leaders 

Episode 52: Aging Out and What We Do Every Day  

Episode 51: PERSUASIVE Writing with SLIFE & Newcomers (CORRECTED)

Episode 50: When You Create Something!

Episode 49: ELLCHAT_BKClub, The SIOP Meta Round 

Episode 48: Recap of NABE and PD You can Turn Around Quickly

Episode 47: Karina Chapa and the Camino de Paz

Episode (BONUS): Reaching Your Students. An Interview on Beyond the Staffroom by Derek Rhodenizer

Episode 46: VoicED Radiothon on Academic Conversations 

Episode 45: Judie Haynes and Karen Nemeth of #ELLCHAT 

Episode 44: #MADPD and Why it Matters for ELs

Episode 43: Unit of Study on MLK and Kindness…/bap042-a-fresh-start

Episode 42: Five Tips for a Fresh Start. Classroom Reboot!

Episode 41: Paul McGuire and Offering ELs an Opportunity to Show Gratitude

Episode 40: EL Excellence Every Day with Tonya Singer

Episode 39: DIY Online Conference with Tan Huynh and Deborah Brey

Episode 38: VoxCast with Derek Rhodenizer. What Else Can We Build Outside the Blocks of Time?

Episode 37: ELs Writing at Grade Level  (0r) Learning to Write WHILE We Are Writing to Learn

Episode 36: Sara Sparks on ELs Not Making Progress

Episode 35: Part II of Activities for the Newcomer Classroom with Kenzie Twitchell

Episode 34: Part I of Activities for the Newcomer Classroom with Kenzie Twitchell

Episode 33: Sarah Williams and a Strong Start to the School Year

Episode 32: Part III Keep Moving Forward (guest Talisa Harris)

Episode 31: Part II Keep Moving Forward (guest Emily Francis)

Episode 30: Part I Keep Moving Forward (guest Emily Francis)

Episode 29: The EL Student Panel for MADPD with Video & Visuals

Episode 28: Rigor for Beginning English Learners

Episode 27: Larry Ferlazzo & The ELL Teacher’s Toolbox 

Episode 26: Language Experience Approach and QSSSA (complete with non-example)

Episode 25: Monica Spillman, Learning and Teaching ELLs

Episode 24: Not Just a Field Trip: Discuss, Discover, Connect, Reflect

Episode 23: Blanca Huertas Honoring Our Newcomers

Episode 22: Why You Should Present at the virtual conference, MADPD.

Episode 21: How Lessons Fail ELs with Tan Huynh

Episode 20: Nancy Motley of Talk Read Talk Write

Episode 19: Dr. Katie Toppel of  #ELLChat_BkClub

Episode 18: Diana Delaney, Elementary ESOL Students at Grade Level

Episode 17: Gerson Bermudez, He Will Inspire You and Your Students!

Episode 16: Christy Reynolds shares about Success in the Newcomer Reading Class.

Episode 15: Social Contracts and Choral Reading

Episode 14: Derek Rhodenizer of Beyond the Staffroom. Risk Taking and Modeling for Teachers

Episode 13, Take Aways from the Boosting Achievement Book Study

Episode 12, Inspiring ELLs with Emily Francis

Episode 11, Teaching Science Successfully to Newcomers with Michele Cooper

Episode 10, Motivation & Student Sound Bites 

Episode 9, Kelly Rider of EngLrnPortal, Setting Up a Newcomer Center

Episode 8, TxTESOL Wrap Up, Reflections From a Few Participants

Episode 7, Be an Observer in My Reading Class for SIFE

Episode 6, Carlota Holder, ESL Master Teacher & Trainer 

Episode 5, Four Messages for Language Learners

Episode 4, Valentina Gonzalez & Karen Lewis: Preparing for TxTESOL

Episode 3, Social Studies for ELLs with Tina Beene

Episode 2, Tan Huyhn, of Empowering ELLs (& the Forward of Boosting Achievement)

Episode I, Challenging Our Beliefs