BAP056 The Personalized PD Landscape and Derek Rhodenizer

This episode starts as a casual chat with an innovator and by the end of the show we have insight on how an administrator can execute a personalized PD system for their staff.  Scroll down or listen at the 24:00 mark to get right to that awesomeness.

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Derek Rhodenizer returns to the show and, as usual, we did not script or plan this show in any way.  Our chat ends up offering ideas and insight on

The Personalized Professional Landscape (24:50 mark in the show)

The whole show is great for my learning but this piece was probably the most profound.  Derek explains that there is an issue with personalized PD.  Many people are doing it on their own (you are right now by reading this blog), but administrators are at a loss for how to roll out personalized PD systemically.  He was frustrated that his theme each year wasn’t something that would be meaningful to all of his staff. He started realizing that one blanket theme wasn’t even meaningful to most.  Collaborating with Stephen Hurley, they decided to figure out how to execute a truly personalized PD system last school year. And they did it!  Derek explains how he did it in this show.  He created, modeled and ran a truly personalized PD system.

Derek explains it all.  He describes how he and his teachers gathered data, how his teachers created a landscape for their own PD needs, and how they shared their personalized efforts with him through a growing slide deck and how he used that information to drive his PD opportunities for teachers throughout the year.  One of the innovative breakthroughs here is that it is all documented in a kind of digital portfolio that offers reflection for teachers and opportunity for Derek to support and direct their growth.

I can’t help but think that this is EXACTLY what we could see in classrooms to help students personalize their learning.

Another awesome thing Derek shared was this slide deck that is growing with positive stories of teaching.  He invites you to visit it but also to add yours!


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