Deeper Uses of Kahoot MAD PD Session

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Want to get the most out of Kahoot for your ESL students?  These two PD videos will offer ideas on how to do just that.

The first video PD is from #MADPD:

The second video is at the bottom of this post.  It was from #VirtuEL17, another online conference where I repeated this session with different examples.

A Google Doc with Notes is Here

#MADPD was a short PD session streaming live on May 7th at 6pm EST.

We had some great ESL/Linguistic folks joining me in the live Youtube session.  Emily Francies (@emilyfranESL), Carlotta Holder (@carlota_holder) and Rami Amin (@RmTux) graciously agreed to be in the hangout with me so you’ll get to hear their questions and ideas added to the mix!

In these sessions, I provide a lot of ideas for using Kahoot in deeper ways.  You may have seen some of these ideas on my other blog posts but in the Youtube session we will  have more insight from the guests.  And scroll down for links to even more MADPD sessions also.  Here are a few links for our session:

Kahoot Planning Template (Paper templates for any learner to create Kahoots!)

Our Holiday Traditions Kahoot. (Our class has created a Kahoot about holidays they celebrate throughout the year in different parts of the world.)

And here is the VirtuEL17 version of this training.

You can check out all the great #VirtuEL sessions at this smore:   


Teach Kahoot! (Everything you need to offer a Kahoot PD for other educators.)

Kahoot Professional Development Resources (Getting started and everything you want to know about Kahoot!)

I love blogging for Kahoot!  Here are some of my articles that offer more tips for ESL teachers:

Kahoot Blog on Using Kahoot for ELLs – Part 1, Students Creating Kahoots

 Kahoot Blog on Using Kahoot for ELLs – Part 2, Students Creating Selfie Kahoot

Kahoot Blog on Using Kahoot  for  ELLs – Part 3, Tips and Tricks

The Kahoot I used in this session:  Deeper Uses of Kahoot

These online conferences are fantastic for self-directing our own learning.  I hope you’ll consider submitting a proposal for MADpd in 2018.

Thanks to everyone who is here to get more ideas for your ELLs.   And thanks to all of you who are sharing so that all of us are building on each other’s strengths!

Check out ALL the great #MADPD sessions:.  There are over 60 teacher presenters from around the world who put out quick PD sessions on May 7th for you to see.  And they will be there whenever you have time to watch what has made a difference in our teaching.


See you next time,

Carol Salva

Find me on twitter: @MsSalvaC

Do you want more PD on ESL teaching strategies?  Please email me at carolsalva1@gmail.

I’m happy to bring Seidlitz Education training to your district.  And LOOK! Our new book on reaching under-schooled students is now out and available for purchase!  The training around it is also great.


2 thoughts on “Deeper Uses of Kahoot MAD PD Session

  1. Hi Carol!

    Thank you so very much for sharing all of this great information. I was hoping to take a look at your “deeper uses of Kahoot” kahoot. Would you mind sharing it? The link says that it is private, so if not, that is completely fine, but I thought I would ask!

    • Hi Sonja! I updated the link. I’m sorry it was set to private. Please let me know if you have any trouble opening it now. Thanks for the interest!

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