Preparing for Upcoming Author Visit!

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Who is Coming?

Dr. Paul Spellman, author of several celebrated books on Texas History as well as Until I Come Home, the True story of Roscoe and Vera Diamond Chittim, during Roscoe’s service in the U. S. Army during World War I.

How Are Newcomers Preparing?

Students are practicing passages from Paul’s book to create a short video for him.  The video will be made from students reading parts of his works aloud.

This activity is highly motivating for the students.  One girl said “It is really incredible that he is coming to see us.” That is all we need sometimes.  Students to feel valued and appreciated.

The topic is especially important for recent immigrants as many of them are lacking the background knowledge of US History that Paul can help me provide.

I have to thank my friends at the Texas Historical Commission, again.  I met author Paul Spellman through mutual friends there and he enthusiastically agreed to visit our class for some story telling

Is there a topic your students would be fascinated by because of their age or experiences?  I bet there is an author willing to connect with your students in some way!  Consider making a video for that author of your students reading from his/her work.  You may ask the author if they wouldn’t mind responding by email to the class.  Or who knows… maybe you will get a visit!

Coastal Environments and the Texas Historical Commission

High Schoolers SFA

The San Felipe de Austin Heritage Learning Project began in the fall of 2015.  It is a three year collaboration between educators and professionals  to create meaningful experiences for students.  Archeologists from CEI and professionals from the THC are helping us honor students’ thinking by connecting with them and offering opportunities for teaming and project participation.  Visit the learning project website here: