Great Visit to The Durham House!

IMG_3625We had an amazing visit to The Durham House on April 25th.  Owner Raj Natarajan, Jr. and Head Chef Mike McElroy gave us an inspiring talk about entrepreneurship and running a successful restaurant.

IMG_3602  IMG_3645

We came ready with our questions.  We had been practicing them for many days.  Mr. Natarajan and Chef Mike answered all of them.  We learned about the benefits of owning your own restaurant and how much determination you need to rise to the top of a profession like the culinary arts.  Both men spoke to us about calculated risks, education, grit and perseverance.

They also let us present to them!  We had been using the upcoming trip to practice our language skills and make connections to science concepts like heat transfer. One of our students explained how to make an African dish using all the transition words we have been learning in class.  Cohesive devices (First, then, finally) are super important for our continued learning of the language.


We are very appreciative of The Durham House and their support of our education!

Thank you, Mr. Natarajan nad Chef Mike!


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