Authentic Experiences

I wrote the blog post below in Spring of 2016.  We were having some major successes with SLIFE students by then and this was one of my reflection blogs as I was teaching.


We try to experience as much as possible.  If the students can’t experience something, we might make a quick video so they can experience it virtually. Many videos are available online but we have the most luck when our students connect with the people they see in the videos or the videos are of themselves!

Sometimes education partners are professionals.  Sometimes they are the families of our students or even our own families.  How can we break down the walls of our classrooms and help students see how our standards are applied in real life?

IMG_0080 IMG_0110 IMG_0112 IMG_0113

What are our real questions about the world?

IMG_0900    Who can answer them?


What can we help teach?

IMG_0465 Kids in Library

Where can we go locally?

IMG_0597 IMG_0607



What professionals are available to visit our classroom?

IMG_9847   IMG_0769