BAP071 #Believe_Cafe & Boosting Achievement LIVE March 28

Did you know that we are doing LIVE call-in shows on VoicEd Radio? Yep!  During this out of the ordinary time, we bring you out of the ordinary radio. I’m teaming up with Dorina Ebuwa, aka Miss Dorito because she is THE person we need to help us with our own Transformative Emotional Intelligence. This might be EXACTLY what you need right now.

You can listen to the show where ever you get your podcasts or right here:
Listen to “BAP071 1st Believe Cafe LIVE with Dorina” on Spreaker.

What is Transformative Emotional Intelligence? Listen to this episode so you can get some insight from Dorina and also hear how it is making such a difference for me and others in our PLN.  Among other things, Dorina challenges us to consider that many educators are experiencing Compassion Fatigue & Vicarious Trauma right now.

Incremental is monumental – @Dorina_Believe

In the show we answer some questions about how to best support teachers right now from our perspective. We also draw on the expertise of our guests!

Just do a quick search on #Believe_Cafe to see some of the positive impact this work is having. Please check out Dorina’s Belive_Cafe show weekday mornings! Here is the playlist to get all caught up.

Our next call in show will be April 18 at 1:00pm ET.  Be sure to tune in to at that time to hear us LIVE.

Jennifer Gonzalez, Irina McGrath and Carly Spina are all mentioned on this show.

Many thanks to these folks who called in to add to the conversation:

Traci Broward

Shilpa Palawat

Michelle Shory

Tina Bergman

What else is going on right now?  Glad you asked!  Here is my 8 min rundown of what I’m tuned in to this week:

Thank you,Dorina and thanks to everyone stopping by this show or this blog.

Stay Healthy.  We love you!


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