BAP069 We Can Do This.

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There are so many challenges right now. We are being called upon to step up as educators, as parents and as human beings.  It seems like too much to ask, I know.  But I would offer you that you are so much stronger than you know.  You many not realize how strong you are.  But it is times like these that we find out.

Ideas that come up a few times:

  1. Flood yourself with things that help you feel productive (with family, work & yourself)
  2. Be informed but don’t spend all your time on the negative aspects of the news.
  3. Focus on what you CAN control.
  4. Look at the long game.  Realize that there will be some positive outcomes.  Some we can already see. Some we can’t even imagine.
  5. Appreciate the perspective of our refugee and immigrant students who have gone through difficult times and have earned perspective, patience, grit and more. *We are building some of that right now.
  6. You’re growing new skills with tech.  Like it or not, you’re growing.

Gathering Virtually

The great news is that we are all SO MUCH stronger together.  Many of us are feeling isolated right now, but we can take steps to mitigate that feeling.  Your community is still out there.  We are so fortunate to have ways to connect and I would encourage you to plug in to groups of like minded, positive people.  At the very least, please balance what you see in the news, with positive messages and things that make you feel productive

Links to a few things I mention in this show

Duncan YMCA Exercise Channel – free workout videos should be published week of March 23, 2020

The Free Boosting Achievement Book Study with supplemental materials – great stuff at this link for what we are dealing with right now.

Webinar with Laura Gardner – March 27, 2020 @ 10:30am.  Supporting Immigrants and Refugees Families During Remote Learning.

FOLLOW LAURA GARDNER @lauragardner79 RIGHT NOW if you can’t wait until Friday. She is sharing a lot of resources like this. 

Leading ELLs Facebook Group and Pam Broussard – My top tip for finding resources or support right now if you teach newcomers. You can search the group,  ask a question or add some advice for others.  SO much is being shared for teachers of newcomers. Pam teaches new arrival students and founded the group.

Talking Points – recommended by teachers who don’t speak the language of their students or only have a phone number.

Snapchat Friendmoji

Diane Stahr Fenner’s company, Support Ed just gave a great webinar on supporting ELs with online learning.  You can access her past webinars here:

I mentioned these two new ESL-focused podcasts that have just joined the VoicEd Radio family.  I’m excited because I love both of these shows and I’ve been fortunate to be a guest on both of them as well.  Check them out!

Thank you for stopping by this podcast post.

I know this is really difficult.  And that it is mentally exhausting.  But I also know that we will get through it so much better if we keep our eyes on the future, do what we can and look for the hope.  The hope is there. If you keep yourself in a productive mindset, focus on what you CAN control, and realize that you are able to step up when you need to, you’ll have more strength and perseverance.  You can do hard things.  You are an educator. YOU are the hope.

Stay safe.


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