VirtuEL Web Meetups – Join Us!

Our next live VirtuEL meetup is March 24, 2020 at 7:00pm CT.  Please join us whether you participated in VirtuEL or not. Our goal is to raise awareness of the free, online conference for teachers of ELs and also to gather virtually as a reboot of the past conferences. (Many of us NEED a way to socially gather right now.)

Our most recent meetup happened on 3/17/20. This is a casual gathering where we are reflecting on the learning. Nancy Motley (her keynote was the topic of the discussion)popped in!  You can watch that video right here:

We were discussing the 2017 Keynote and conference.

To join the next web meeting, visit to check out the 2018 keynote. Then log into the zoom with us (link at the VirtuEL website) to hear Tan Huynh and  Dr. Irina McGrath discuss that year’s keynote by Jana Echevarria, PhD.  Most of us will be typing in the chat so come join us!  This is from my personal zoom account so we have a 100 person maximum on the meeting.  But the video will be available in replay.

Also join the slow chat this week at #VirtuEL.  The great Irina McGrath, PhD is hosting that conversation around the 2018 sessions.

Hope to see you this week!



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