BAP025 – Monica Spillman, Learning and Teaching for ELLs

The more you share, the more you get back!  This week’s guest shares SO much in her journey to learn more about teaching language learners. Monical Spillman is getting her endorsement in ESOL and shares about that with us this week.  You can listen to the show right here.

Monica has a great background in Special Education and is now embracing a new demographic as she learns more about serving our language learners.  Like me, you’ll be inspired by how much she is doing! I learned several tips from Monica and I’m grateful to be connected with her.

In the show, we talk about the ESOL conference and the Blind Kahoot I shared with participants.  Kahoot has great resources to help you learn more about teaching with the platform through blind kahoots

She also used the example Kahoot I shared so her teachers could experience a Blind Kahoot.  Here is the link if you’d like to play a very short version of a blind kahoot and model how it might look for language learners.

Monica gave this Kahoot as part of a professional development she gave to the teachers in her school.  She tells us that her endorsement program includes giving PD which is a great way to learn more about any topic.  But you can tell that Monica shares by nature! She tells us about her love of #Booksnaps and other easy tech ideas that can make a big impact on our language learners.

I would definitely recommend that you follow Monica on Twitter!  She is at @MOSpillman.  Take a look at her feed and you will see that she is sharing a lot of great nuggets for us to grow professionally!

I’m grateful that she shared this presentation with me.  In this presentation, she is sharing 4 Tips for teachers on English learners.  I love links and I am now following the College Info Geek on Youtube because I loved the video she includes in these resources. 

This video on study skills and making flashcards had an immediate impact on my students!  Monica even helped me learn more about youtube and how to change the rate of speech on videos.  This might be something you already knew.. but that is my point!  We really don’t know what other people know.  So you can’t assume you don’t have anything worth sharing.  We all have things we can share and someone out there will likely be grateful that you did.  I know I am.

Thank you again, Monica for all the great ideas you are sharing with the world.  I appreciate being connected to you and I appreciate what a great model you are of being a connected, innovative educator!

Thanks for taking time to listen to the show this week.

Don’t forget to put in your proposal for #MADPD!  You have until March 30th and YES, you do have something you can share!

Read more about #MADPD and submit your proposal here!

So stay curious & have an awesome week, Eduheroes!


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