BA Podcast 001 – Challenging Our Beliefs

Hello ESL Family!

I’m incredibly honored to join the amazing folks at VoicEdRadio!  I will be hosting a new podcast for ESL professionals.  Introducing  “Boosting Achievement. The ESL Podcast”

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Here is what you will hear in Episode #1

Welcome to the Boosting Achievement ESL Podcast. I’m your host, Carol Salva from Houston, Texas.  In this podcast, I’ll be chronicling my journey of learning as I attempt to discover the best ways to support language learners… and the teachers who teach them.  

My credentials

What’s my philosophy on ESL?  First, I realize that “English as a Second Language” is outdated so I will use EAL (English as an Added Language) but this term is still what will help us reach more teachers in searches, especially new teachers who are looking for support.

My philosophy for helping students acquire English is to figure out and focus on the strategies that give you the biggest bang for your buck.  I like to imagine the Pareto Principal applies to teaching. We probably get 80% of our gains by 20% of our effort.  We will be looking for those most impactful strategies!

Philosophy on Podcasting- get out there & investigate + reflect.

Alan November & BLC Conference

What a typical show will be like.  Modeling my frequency after podcaster: Derek Rhodenizer


BOOSTING ACHIEVEMENT, THE ESL PODCAST will be a mix of my solo ramblings, guests (consultants, teachers & students).

Big Idea for This Week: Challenging Our Beliefs

Especially during Back to School Season.  Don’t lower your expectations just because so many students are struggling to understand you right now.  Collaborate with like-minded professionals.

Misstep this week:  I should have allowed even more student talk. I shouldn’t talk so much just because most of the class is not fluent in English.  Beginning of the year requires even more turn & talk so students have a chance to process.

One big win! Turning the Social Contract into a Kahoot for language practice. Then getting up and switching partners several times to practice the speaking like this.


Also Great this Week:

Special THANKS to Rola Tibishini at All Saints Catholic High School students for the amazing padlet you created for us!  See it here:


Highlight Tweet!  Big thanks to Kirsten Foti, M.Ed from Dallas/Ft. Worth for this great post:

I think that is quite enough for Episode 1.

Thank you for listening/reading!

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