BAP074 Stress Management with YOEMI and #BELIEVE_Cafe

You didn’t miss this incredibly important show on managing the stress we are all feeling.  You can listen right here or on your favorite podcast app.
Listen to “BAP074 Managing Stress with YOMEI and BELIEVE Cafe” on Spreaker.

In this show, Dorina Sackman Ebua, AKA, Ms. Dorito, joined me again to take calls LIVE on VoicEdRadio. We have a great conversation with several listeners and we mention Dorina’s BELIEVE_Cafe series on Youtube several times.  I can’t recommend it enough.  We are so fortunate that Dorna is helping us now for THIRTY LESSONS on YouTube!  You can start her series aany time and many of our callers are grateful for how she is helping us to think constructively and behave wisely.  But this doesn’t happen overnight. Her series began to make a difference in my outlook immediately but I really started to benefit as I spent each week day morning working through the exercises in her playlist. Dorina is also giving free webinars like this one.  Reach out to her to find out about others. 

We were so grateful to hear from Jody Nolf, Michelle Van Balkom and Dawn Harris. Each called in and brought great insight for us to consider.  Each question, comment or connection helped steer the conversation towards what educators are really facing right now.

In this show, Aprile Williams of YOMEI (Yoga for Mindful Emotional Intelligence) was able to join us.  She is also doing her doctoral work on Transformative Emotional Intelligence.

This was a powerful hour for me. Like many of you, I’ve been experiencing ups and downs as think about the future and how things might look moving forward.  Although I’ve been in a funk lately, #BELIEVE_Cafe has been saving me.  As Dorina eloquently puts it on the show, stress is inevitable, how you handle it is optional. She and Aprile give us such great advice on how to handle the emotions we might be feeling.

April points out that we don’t need to feel badly about our emotions and the stress we feel.  She leads us in a 16 second breathing exercise that has been helping me ever since. She and Dorina are experts in the area of growing your emotional intelligence and I’m so glad that they both have a focus on supporting educators.

You can check out April’s courses right here.

And she is also on Facebook leading some of her exercises.

For folks checking in to this blog, Aprile is offering a 15% off discount for her classes.  Please enter this code at check out if you take a YOMEI class: BoostingAchievement

Thank you again to everyone who is interacting with us during our LIVE shows.   I’m getting so much from them and I hope you are too.

Thank you again to Dorina and Aprile and thank YOU for all your passion.

Please be safe, move forward bravely and stay healthy.



PS: Below are the latest webinars I am doing or have done recently.  They are both available in replay if you miss them. I’ll be sending out a post with more later this week.

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