ELPS in ACTION – Changing Mindset

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ELPS in ACTION – Changing Mindset


Carol’s Kahoot on How We Acquire a 2nd Language – Great for your Prof Dev 


These are the questions in the Kahoot!

  1. According to Marzano, __________________ can lead to a 19 point percentile gain in achievement.
  2. There are ___________ language domains.
  3. The productive domains are ___________________________.
  4. For the biggest impact, the language load should be on the __________________.

Here is the video on what is possible for SIFE :


 Practical Tip: Inspire Students and Teachers!

How fast can a person acquire L2??

Gerson Video 7 Months in US Schools


Practical Tip: Create Mentor Texts the Newcomer can read!

Newcomers recently watched Gerson’s video and then we did a shared quick write:

gerson-essay-2                gerson-essay-typed

What about your shy kids?  Unschooled/no native language literacy?

Nabil Learns to Read/Choral Reading for SIFE


Nabil five months later: Refugee Essays and Nabil’s Reading Update


Other Resources:

Kahoot! (for Teacher to create Kahoots)

Kahoot Planning Pages (dropbox)

Other Kahoot Plannning and PD resources

More VIDEOS from 2015-present

4th period Selfie Kahoot Fall 2016

6th period Selfie Kahoot Fall 2016

2015-2016 Dierschke/Salva Refugee Class Selfie Kahoot 

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