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Hello!  Thank you for visiting this blog!  If you are here for videos, they can be found here. 

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Click the links in the MENU to find what you’re looking for.  If you are here, you must have some interest in education…. your education, or that of others.  Thank you for that.

4 thoughts on “Welcome and Hello!

  1. Carol, I was at your presentation today (8/28/2019) in San Antonio at Region 20, and I wanted you to know that discovering you and all of the information you have put together online and on Twitter is a game changer for me. I am a Newcomer ESL and AVID Excel teacher at the middle school level and I have been searching for concrete examples of best practices, videos to study, and a network that can add to my already wonderful district ESL support system. Thank you!

    • Dorothy!
      What a thrill to read this comment. You certainly are in a great place in San Antonio ISD. I’m in awe of your district support team and honored to join them and you in this journey. Thank you for connecting with me. Join us on Twitter (@MsSalvaC) and share what is working for you. I’d love to learn more from you! Have a fantastic year!

  2. I was looking for an article or a video that best recounts your story (overcoming HS failing classes) to become a teacher and your grit in order to pass on to a student who needs some motivation. Can you point me to the right link? I know you mention it all the time, and I hope you have one example that might sucinctly summarize your story or address students themselves?? I did pass on Emily Francis’ story and I reviewed your blog about teaching grit.

    Melissa Cunningham

    • Hi Melissa!
      I have it mentioned in my Boosting Achievement book as a 1 pager. It is an explanation that I fell behind in classes but later in life, I found my motivath ELion. I credit mindset in that write up and it is part of the book where we focus on Grit & Growth mindset. I mention there that I am preparing for my doctoral work. But as I am writing this, I am in the middle of that doctoral program now. That page is the closest thing to what you are asking for. If you don’t have the book, please email me and I will get you a booksnap of it. carolsalva1@gmail.com
      Also, check out this padlet filled with success stories for working with ELs: https://padlet.com/carolsalva1/SIFESuccess
      Thanks, Melissa~

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