Not at WIDA2017? Here is What I Shared


If you missed #WIDA2017, I have you covered.  I gave a session on what is possible for our newcomers and SIFE students.  I shared the video of Nabil, a student who had a fixed mindset about learning to read.  Once we shifted him to a growth mindset, he was much more engaged!  We can do A LOT with an engaged learner!

I also shared this document and we went over what features participants noticed.  I used the #QSSSA questioning strategy from the Boosting Achievement book.

I sang the praises of as a way to help emergent readers up their reading level as quickly as they’d like.  Because we know that the more you read, the more you CAN read!

The message of my session was… what CAN’T they do???  Our EL’s CAN do everything the other students can do.  They may take more time to do it, but there is nothing wrong with our students.  If we accommodate for them, the sky is the limit.  And the immigrant SIFE students can catch up!  They can catch up and pass native born students.  It’s all about what you want.  We need to help them see that it is possible.

Here is the handout I used to break down what all I was modeling and what we saw in the video.


We also played part of a Mitosis Kahoot.  It is a great way to practice speaking academic language and a great preview the ESL teacher can do for content classes.  Here is the full BLIND Kahoot & more on how to teach with Kahoot.  Your biology students will thank you!

Thank you for helping us change the mindset! And thanks to WIDA for allowing me to share & learn in Tampa this week.  Fantastic conference!

Reach out if I can help with any of this.



ALL students can learn??  Of course they can!….  How ’bout “ALL students can teach us!!”

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