TexTESOL2017 Plenary Session on SIFE

If you came to the state TxTESOL conference, I hope I got a hug from you.  If you ware unable to attend, you will find so many resources by following the hashtag #TxTESOL2017.

How-To Videos for making Booksnaps.  Tara Martin has some great ideas if you don’t have Snapchat.  And look at all these #BoostingAchievement booksnaps on the padlet created by Emily Francis! https://padlet.com/astrid_francis/ytawrws68zqj

These are the resources on my session about SIFE thriving at a secondary campus.  The following videos are paired with reflective questions about our beliefs.   We hope you can use them in your own PD! Please help change the mindset about what is possible:

How much does growth mindset matter when we are teaching older students to read?

Do you believe that every child can succeed?

Personal connections and a draft.

And remember to find Emily’s blog on her website: http://inspiringenglishlanguagelearners.weebly.com/


I hope to see you at the Region IV Bil/ESL conference on Dec 15th!

Save the date for our tech conference on March 1st in Houston!  I’ll be presenting with John Seidltiz on the 5 Keys to Using Tech with ELLs.  See http://www.seidlitzeducation.com/ for more coming soon!

And please follow me on twitter so we can be connected and learn more from each other.

Thanks to all who came and all who are sharing virtually!  You’re helping us change what’s possible for ELLS!


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