Most Requested Videos for your PD Efforts

Here are some of my most requested videos that people use to offer PD or for their own reflection. Hope they are useful!

Newcomers and SLIFE tell you what helps them most in their classes (1 hour video):

Effective Questioning in Social Studies (QSSSA Deep Dive) 30 min:

Language Experience Approach and QSSSA modeled. Non-Example and Example (30 min):

High School Newcomer explains how he gained so much English in 7 months. (4 min):

After watching that video, Uri is inspired and puts incredible effort. In the following video, he explains how he went from Beginner to Advanced High in reading  in less than one school year (6 min):

In this video, he explains his 2 top tips for teachers of newcomers (3 min):

Uri talks about the importance of Voice and Choice for students (3.5 min):

A middle school student changes his mindset so we can get literacy off the ground (3 min)

Using Kahoot with Newcomers (30 min)

For your PTA to blast to the community if you need volunteers (6 min)

There are many more videos you can use on this page of my blog.

Thank you for your interest in these videos and for all you do to help our ELs! Contact me with any questions.





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