ELs with Special Needs – #BoostingAchievement Chat ReCap

Did you miss our Twitter chat on ELs with special needs?  No! You didn’t!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for the top tweets!

Thanks again to everyone who participated.  Please check my Twitter profile for other twitter moments on topics such as Native Language Use, SLIFE in STEM, Writing with ELs and more.  Our PLN rocks!

We had the questions here for you so folks could think over what they wanted to contribute.  You are always welcome to just bring your curiosity as our PLN on Twitter NEVER disappoints!

Again, the recap of this chat is at the bottom of this post.  But consider joining us for a future chat.  Don’t know how a Twitter chat works?  No worries!  We have you covered!  All you need to do is log into Twitter and search the hashtag #BoostingAchievement at 7pm on Thursdays.  We try to do this every week.

To participate you would just keep refreshing that search to see all the tweets from friends who are responding to the questions.  You may also want to watch this 3-minute video that will give you a great summary of what to do to join us. Thank you, Pamela Broussard, for sharing this video with me!

I very much appreciate Nancy Rodriguez, Stephanie Williams and the rest of the Bilingual/ESL World Languages Dept in Magnolia ISD here in Texas.  This team was in one of my Rapid Literacy trainings & they wanted to talk more about this specific demographic.

I used to be the SPED/ELL person for our district so I answered questions with my thoughts on distinguishing disability from language interference. My first advice is always to begin documenting your observations, assessments and data as soon as possible.  This will help immensely as you try to determine if the child is struggling due to lack of language or cognitive issues.

Our English Learners with special needs have challenges but they also have talents and gifts.  I was thrilled to participate in this chat because our teachers deserve more ideas about how to support all of their English learners.  I’m happy that I was able to capture the top tweets and embed them below so we can always refer back to them or find the links that were shared.

The buzz on Facebook and Twitter about this chat was inspiring!  What a great example of the type of learning we want for our students. This is an authentic collaboration where we are breaking down geographic barriers.  We are drawing on global funds of knowledge and also contributing to them as well.  I’m grateful to Nancy & Stephanie for prompting all of this.  So much is possible if we just keep advocating for all of our ELs!

Be sure to reach out if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!


PS: Take a look at the amazing training opportunities coming up in Des Moines, Detroit and Omaha.  I’d love to see you at one of these events!


⚡️ “ELs with Special Needs” by @MsSalvac



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