Content & Language Objectives – Twitter Chat

Hey friend!

Thank you if you joined us for this Twitter chat!   You didn’t miss it! Most of the answers were captured in a Twitter moment at the bottom of this post. Thanks to Deb Bray who reached out to ask if we could chat about objectives and boy were people enthusiastic about the topic!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for the recap!

These were the questions we used:

I appreciate everyone who participated in the chat. You’ll see some great insight and tips.  We do these chats almost every week. In fact, check out the recap on ELs with Special Needs from last week.

For Folks New to Twitter

Don’t know how a Twitter chat works?  No worries!  We have you covered!  All you need to do is log into Twitter and search the hashtag #BoostingAchievement at 7pm on Thursdays.  We try to do this every week.

To participate you would just keep refreshing that search to see all the tweets from friends who are responding to the questions.  You may also want to watch this 3-minute video that will give you a great summary of what to do to join us. Thank you, Pamela Broussard, for sharing this video with me!

So I hope you can join us.  Your voice is super important.

Be sure to reach out if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!


PS: Take a look at the amazing training opportunities coming up in Des Moines, Detroit and Omaha.  I’d love to see you at one of these events!

Here is the Twitter Moment

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