You didn’t miss my NABE 2019 session! Here are Links and Resources

Want to be in my Rapid Literacy session at #NABE2019?  This is the post I’m using and reading it on your own time might be even better!

It will be 1 hour and 20 minutes of fun!  Here is how I’m rolling out this breakout session if all goes to plan. I hope you can use some of this with the teachers or students in your life!

When folks come in I will ask them to log on to this post or follow along as I project it on the wall.

I’m going to ask them to look at this image

I’ll let them turn and talk with this frame:    “I notice…”

(I’m using the Talk #1 part of Nancy Motley’s Talk, Read, Talk, Write approach. Her book is amazing!)

Before they talk, I’ll ask everyone to stand and look at the image. They can sit down when they have an idea.  (this levels the playing field, everyone can notice something. and I’m offering wait time.  I’m going to let them talk to a shoulder partner and then randomly call on someone. This is QSSSA questioning so I’ll point that out on a poster.

Once they have ALL had a chance to talk, I’ll ask them to find a fact about Frederick Douglass or Susan B Anthony in their “textbook” which is really their cellphone in this breakout session.

We will get up and move to a side of the room if we want to find a fact about Douglass and another side of the room if we want to research Anthony.

Then they will give me some facts.


My goal is to have everyone talking and comparing the two activists, using academic language.

I’m going to model Language Experience Approach with the facts they find.  Our discussion will be about encouraging language production, read aloud and reading together to accelerate decoding skills in a low stress environment.

Here is a video I may use but if you’re not in the session, and you want to understand LEA, it should be helpful. QSSSA is a big part of this 30 min PD video:

You might also be interested in this post and podcast that goes with that video.

I’m also going to use this video to show the engagement we get when we use text we co-create with students. This post has more details about what can go on our walls that ALL students can read (including emergent readers in secondary) in our ESL classrooms:

Finally, I want teachers to understand that these ELs are gaining literacy quickly because of many factors.  But a big one is the metacognitive awareness of what they are doing. They understand that they need to gain sight words and letter sounds in print from our reading together.  We have older students and they can understand this concept and that we are partnering with them every day to gain decoding skills….WHILE we work on grade level content.

A great part of this lesson is this article shared by Larry Ferlazzo on Twitter.  

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So yes, we do a LOT of reading together with text we co-create.  And VERY soon, they can read emergent readers books. But NO baby books, please.  They can read whatever they want.  And I want them to have age-appropriate text like these free resources from our friends in Canada or the awesome books from Saddleback Publishers.  This video is what is possible when you get your emergent readers hooked on reading:

Friends, there are SO MANY MORE resources out there for you and your students!  Here is the padlet I use for my full day of Rapid Literacy training. I hope some of those links will be helpful to you in the great work you’re doing with students!

Please reach out if you’re going to be at any of these events:

March 23rd in Long Island, NY at the  #LIESOL Conference. I’m on a panel and I have sessions.

April 5, 2019 in Edmonton, Canada at Edmonton Regional Learning Center – Presenting 7 Steps to a Language Rich Interactive Classroom.  

May 9 & 10, Michigan Association of Bilingual Educators  (MABEMI) I’m a keynote and I have break out sessions

Awesome $129 rate for Rapid Literacy pre-conference May 8 through MABEMI.($99 if you go as a group!)

Andrea Honigsfeld will be the Keynote Speaker for #VirtuEL19! – Let’s get some IRL watch parties together!






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